Fundraiser: Stained Glass Stars for donation

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This is a donation and fundraiser for Families Mentoring Families.

For a donation of $75 you receive a large 9" star. Choose a color.

For a donation of $60 you receive a medium 7" star. Choose a color.

For a donation of $40 you receive a small 5" star. Choose a color.

Your donation will help furnish the Healing House at the Family Restoration Center with tables, chairs, cabinets, medicines, etc. The Family Restoration Center is in Kumasi, Ghana where women and families coming out of trauma will live on site. They learn how to heal, gain literacy and vocational skills so they can be self-sufficient for themselves and their families. The Healing House is a mini-clinic with a blend of western medicine and other healing modalities. The roofing and electrical is already paid for and is currently in construction. Your donation will help us get everything to put inside and make it come to life!

These stained glass stars are handcrafted from the heart by Utah artist Doug Soelberg. Every one is unique and completely made by his hands. The patina finish is an extra touch which makes these stars really stand out from any other product you will find.  The last time he did these was a 2 years ago. These are limited edition stars!

We thank you and our women and families at the Family Restoration Center thank you!

Shipping only within the USA. 

If you are within a 25 mile radius of Spanish Fork, Utah you can choose a hand-delivery option.