Pre-order painting: boy climbing a ficus tree

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This is a Pre-Order item. Your purchase today allows us to pay Joe, and he can pay for his children's school fees immediately (April 8th). He will paint this and send it back with one of our team members at the end of April. It will be shipped to you beginning of May.

At the Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, one of the most unique trees is the Ficus tree. A parasitic plant, the ficus will grow around another tree, sucking out all the host tree’s nutrients, which causes it to disintegrate. The remaining is a hollow shell and the ficus remains. Visitors love to climb this tree. It is allowed!

The Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary is a home for about 700 monkeys. The neighboring villages are a community where monkeys and human beings live together. The inhabitants in the village always leave food outside their homes for the animals. The monkeys see human beings as their own kind.

Artist: Joe Asamoah. 

 Joe lives near the monkey sanctuary in Boabeng-Fiema. He has a gift shop at the sanctuary where he sells his hand-made items to support his family. The COVID shut down severely affected his income and way to support his family. Your purchase helps this small business owner keep food on the table and send his children to school. Thank you!