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When COVID shut the world down in March 2019, it also affected the ability for FMF to bring volunteers to come help on projects, and create relationships with our Ghana friends and family. More significantly, all the small artisans who relied on tourism income had their businesses suffer significantly. We at FMF decided to pre-sell items that were still in Ghana, and then deliver once the borders were open. 

The response of purchasing from our small business owner artisans was overwhelming and we had a hard time keeping up with the orders! We realized that it is time to make this a formal offering of FMF and have this store.

Currently we will be selling what we have in the USA, with a future option to create custom-made pre-orders.

Your support of the local Ghanaian artist has a tremendous positive impact on their family and community. They are able to reinvest into their family with food and schooling, which in turn empowers their community.

Thank you for your support and akwaaba (welcome)!

~LaReita Berky, secretary
(image is of Becky Rogers, President with a local assemblyman and chief)

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